As the first homegrown commercial aircraft built in Japan for half a century, the Mitsubishi Regional Jet has the potential to create opportunities for an all-new Japanese aerospace industry, and represents the first step in the rebirth of Japan’s aerospace design and manufacturing prowess.

The utilization of high-technology and efficient design mirrors our approach to manufacturing, and hence we are pleased to be working closely with Mitsubishi in the production of a large number of parts for the MRJ.

Our close proximity to Mitsubishi Heavy Industry's main plant and long working relationship provides us with the perfect location in which to supply the project, and opens up chances for cooperation with overseas firms.

We remain fully committed to doing our part to revolutionize the aerospace industry in Japan, and build the broad range of skills, capabilities, and experience necessary to meet the challenges ahead. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to test the limits of our capabilities, and provide our customers with the most cost effective, technologically advanced services possible.