Today, as shown by the first flight of a domestically-produced passenger aircraft in 50 years, we are in the midst of a revolution in the Japanese aerospace industry. Wada Aircraft Technology will never forget our devotion to realizing manufacturing which will be of value in the coming era.

We are committed to achieving this manufacturing by combining the wisdom and technology held by our company. By developing flexible capacity for responding accurately to the needs of customers, and by fostering a spirit of evolution for maintaining and improving our efficiency and precision, we constantly focus on attaining coexistence and mutual prosperity with members of the industry and the community.

In 2015, a year which marked the 60th anniversary of our founding, we built a new Nishibiwajima Plant and increased our production capacity. In order to create even greater value, we will pay further attention to standardization and optimization, and will exist as a corporation which is capable of stable, high-quality manufacturing.

President Noriyuki Wada
和田 典之