Aichi prefecture, where our company is located, is the heart of the Japanese aerospace industry. For the past 50 years, since the production of the first Japanese commercial aircraft, Japan has been an important player in the international aerospace supply chain, providing parts and services for aerospace projects around the world. With the development of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet however, Japan has once again taken a position amongst countries capable of producing their own commercial aircraft, and its position within the worldwide aerospace industry will continue to grow. The MRJ project has seen a great deal of international cooperation in seeing to its success, and this cooperation should be fostered even outside of the MRJ. Spurred on by recent advances in the industry, Wada Aircraft Technology strives to be at the forefront of these changes.

Wada Aircraft Technology is Japan’s number one manufacturer of a variety of aircraft jigs, fixtures and tooling, with the experience necessary to provide our customers with the quality they expect. We also recognize the importance of skilled design and engineering. With our in-house design teams, we possess the necessary expertise not only for build to print but also for build to specification, designing bespoke parts and systems to meet the exact needs of our customers. By utilizing our more than 50 years of manufacturing experience combined with our passion for progress and cutting edge technology and our ideal geographic location in Asia, the world’s fastest growing aerospace market, we feel that we are perfectly suited to help the industry grow to new heights.

In order to achieve these results within our own company, we work towards the ideal of "Beauty". In creating facilities which combine safe and organized workplaces with efficient production techniques, and a strict adherence to industrial rules and regulations as well as internal processes, we provide cost-effective, high quality products to our customers on time, the first time.
At Wada Aircraft Technology, we do not just aim to provide fantastic products and services; we want to go beyond that, and see the industry as a whole grow with us.