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MOVIENishibiwajima Plant

FEATURES Plants and Facilities Department Activities Development Group Companies

Plants and Facilities

We support large work, high-precision work, and high-density work by using six double-column 5-axis processing machines.



We have 4 plants in Kiyosu City and Ama City, Aichi Prefecture.


Our company is fully equipped with facilities specializing in the manufacturing of aircraft jigs and components.


General Affairs Department

We construct an environment which facilitates smooth communication.

Sales Department

We implement detailed control for the progress of each process.

Development Department

We conduct reform and development which leads to high quality.

Design Department

We design forming dies, jigs, and other equipment.

Engineering Department

We work daily to achieve high-efficiency manufacturing.

Quality Assurance Department

We strive to maintain product quality.

Department Activities

We realize high quality and high precision through the total effort of all departments.


Our company focuses on development to enable flexible response to technological advancements.

Automatic inspection

Automatic inspection

We have automated measurement of shape and strength.

Aero Inc.

Our Yatomi Plant is the base of operations for ship structures, rigging, and painting.

Aero Inc.
Wada Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wada Engineering Co., Ltd.

We handle manufacturing design, production technology, analysis, and overall design.

Group Companies

By utilizing the network among the three companies, we conduct aircraft manufacturing for the future.